Care for Creation

Speaker: | November 03, 2019

God modeled a garden then gave humanity authority, we’ve often messed it up. Aj Cole gives us plenty to consider in our relationship with each other and the planet.


Empowerment v. Exploitation

Speaker: | October 27, 2019

Luke Reed gives a biblical overview before using TheBibleProject to help us grasp God’s view of slavery and injustice. He then interviews Lou Mason to shape our thinking about a christian response to modern slavery.


Financial Freedom

Speaker: | October 13, 2019

Luke Reed continues our series with an overview of a biblical view of finances before interviewing Dan Wright and picking his brain about the practical lessons he has learnt.


Why I am not an Atheist

Speaker: | October 13, 2019

Visiting minister Dan Patterson joins us and presents a compelling overview of why living our life “consumed” with a love for God is the best way to live!


Relational Well Being

Speaker: | October 06, 2019

Paul & Isaac Whiting do a father/ son team preach that gives some clues for people of faith about managing the downfalls of our shopping and internet habits.


Consumed- series launch!

Speaker: | September 29, 2019

Paul Whiting provides some stunning “facts” about modern life… and then gives us a snapshot of where we are going in the next six weeks as we seek to find increased freedom from deceptive philosophies...