Sermons by Andrew Cole


Going after the one! Life in Community

Speaker: | January 19, 2020

Andrew Cole gets us thinking about the importance of love and the community life of the church… before we are lead into communion by Fiona Cole and Amy Thorpe… and some closing service comments from...


Care for Creation

Speaker: | November 03, 2019

God modeled a garden then gave humanity authority, we’ve often messed it up. Aj Cole gives us plenty to consider in our relationship with each other and the planet.


Revisiting Ground Zero

Speaker: | September 15, 2019

Andrew Cole reflects on some of the things that first impacted his faith with a fresh look at Romans 1& 2

‘Dog” girl

Speaker: | July 21, 2019

Andrew Cole looks at some of the hard and provocative sayings of Jesus, and helps us understand Jesus’ interaction with a mother in a foreign land (from Mark 7).

Tale of Two Temples

Speaker: | June 09, 2019

What was God up to at the festival of Pentecost? Why did Jesus tell them to wait in Jerusalem? Andrew Cole shares his own experience of Pentecost in the telling the “tale of two temples”.

I will build my church

Speaker: | June 02, 2019

Our Pentecost season series opens with Andrew Cole teaching about the early church and the empowering of the Holy Spirit with a rousing description of how Jesus sees His people.


Managing conflict

Speaker: | January 27, 2019

Aj Cole explores how we can safely manage conflict without damaging relationships.